What is homevestors franchise?

The franchises offered are for the right to operate a business to buy, sell and rehabilitate residential and commercial properties and provide certain services to buyers and sellers. Real estate company that sells We Buy Ugly Houses franchises to investors. Franchisees provide real estate services by buying homes that need repair and homes that homeowners need to sell faster than what can normally be done through a real estate agent. Typically, homevestors franchisees then renew them and sell or rent them.

Franchisees keep the homes they buy for an average of six months. The company operates in 45 states and continues to grow. With more than 800 franchises and growing. With franchises since 1996, Homevestors specializes in buying homes that are undervalued & selling these homes at a profit.

Come and take advantage of the lucrative real estate industry by partnering with America's #1 homebuyer, HomeVestors of America. HomeVestors specializes in buying and selling distressed properties, helping eager homeowners sell their homes “as is” much faster. Compare where HomeVestors of America landed in this year's Franchise 500 Rankings with previous years. The reputation of the HomeVestors brand and the cooperation between franchisees inspired trust in sellers.

HomeVestors currently offers many opportunities across the country, including in California, the Chicago metropolitan area, the Carolinas, the New York City area, and several Florida markets. The company began with founder Ken D'Angelo, who worked as a real estate broker in Dallas in the early 1980s, according to Mark McKeller, a HomeVestors development agent and franchise owner in Texas, California and Florida. While most people who want to sell their homes call a real estate agent to get the most return, sellers contact HomeVestors because they have a problem they need to solve, and selling a home quickly is one way to solve that problem. HomeVestors is not a brick and mortar business; franchisees are not required to have a sales office.

HomeVestors equips its franchisees with unique tools and support to help them navigate everything from lead generation to financing and contracts. HomeVestors franchises have the opportunity to buy and manage many rentals if this is part of their business plan, he said.