Is homevestors a reputable company?

HomeVestors isn't a scam, it's a legitimate cash-buying brand with franchises across the country. However, homeowners pay less than fair market value for homes to resell them and make a profit. HomeVestors is a renowned company that operates in more than 800 markets. Their business model is quite simple, as they use franchises to expand their business and offer their property buying services in even more locations.

HomeVestors always makes a cash offer for the property they want to buy. That cash offer will not change before closing and there are no negotiations regarding that offer. While the company has a good reputation, they generally offer lower amounts for homes than their market value would be, and as such, even though you can sell your home through them quite quickly, deciding to sell to HomeVestors requires being aware of the fact that you will sell your property at a very low price. Still, the certainty of cash and the high speed at which transactions are completed through HomeVestors make this company a safe choice for many homeowners.

At the time of writing, HomeVestors has an A+ rating with the BBB. However, since the company has many independent franchises, it may be best to research the reputation of your local branch before contacting them. These things don't talk about whether or not HomeVestors is a smart investment, but they do talk about the relative security you can expect to enjoy from this company. HomeVestors of America are homebuyers who work to help you get out of your predicament, no matter the reason, while providing great opportunities for investors and buyers.

HomeVestors can usually close in as little as three weeks, although they will wait longer if their schedule requires it. Like any real estate investor, the HomeVestors franchisee is susceptible to losing money on any given transaction. However, we recommend talking to a real estate agent to find out how much your home is worth before selling it to a company like HomeVestors. Since HomeVestors tends to offer fairly low cash offers for the homes they sell, opting for one of the following six types of homebuying services may end up being a better deal for you.

While all HomeVestors franchises operate with the same directors, your experience can still vary depending on the office you work with. Soon after signing, other sellers discovered that their homes were listed on the market by the HomeVestors buyer. HomeVestors of America rental properties may need a bit of repair, but if you're willing to work, they can be transformed into beautiful rentals, perfect for a property with additional income. Although they may need some work, you'll get great value from these homes, and HomeVestors of America homes are ideal for those interested in changing or rehabilitating homes.

We hope that this HomeVestors review will help answer any questions you have before continuing with this service. A HomeVestors offer will be well below the fair market price, as it represents a large profit margin for an investor who assumes the risk of buying a property as it needs repairs. Homeowners who want to sell to HomeVestors can request an offer by calling their 1-800 number or filling out an online form. FranchiseCharter also lists other costs that come with starting a franchise, such as office furniture and insurance, that you may want to consider before looking too closely at how to start a HomeVestors or any other type of franchise.