Are we buy houses for cash legit?

The simple answer is yes.

Compramos Casas

is a legitimate company with more than 2,700 offices across the country.

we buy houses

sets national standards that its licensees are required to comply with, making it more credible than private cash buyers who are not investigated by anyone. Cash buyers can be a good option if you need to quickly unload an unwanted and distressed property.

However, if you want to sell fast without sacrificing a ton of capital, Clever is one of your best alternatives. If you expect to sell your home to a company that we buy houses for cash close to market value; you probably think it's a scam. However, these companies offer what they advertise. A HomeLight study echoes that 61% of agents have seen nearly retirees withdraw money from their homes a few years ahead of schedule, given recent capital gains.

Although these types of buyers are rare, Travis Steinemann, a real estate investor and rehabilitator in the Baton Rouge area, sometimes sees people who live frugally, who have never had a credit card and pay everything in cash. From time to time, in my local area, I have seen the signs for “we will buy your house in Framingham, Massachusetts, and Milford, Massachusetts. Some real estate agents routinely connect with iBuyers and other types of investors to help their sellers submit cash offers. Calling a home exchange company from a sign on a telephone pole and establishing a relationship with it without any investigation could end up being financial suicide.

The biggest “Pro” on the list above is probably the guarantee of getting rid of the house quickly and easily, and the biggest “disadvantage” is obviously having to settle for a lower price than a traditional sale. With that said, keep in mind that a We Buy Houses investor will see your home as an investment opportunity, so expect the offer to be much lower than the open market listing price. When working with an iBuyer, sellers generally fill out certain information online and receive a cash offer on their home within 24 to 48 hours. If a real estate agent believes they can sell your home, there is a good chance that you could earn more than you would if you sold to a home exchange company.

We Buy Houses investors can work with their bank to buy their home through a process called short selling. Even so, a UPNest agent can also represent you and get deals for you from the best cash home buyers and iBuyers, if that's what you want. If you've weighed the pros and cons and decided that selling a home for cash is your best option, there are plenty of companies you can work with. Your agent may even be able to connect you with cash buyers who are willing to offer closer to the market value of your home.